12 Pointers To Get The Most Out Of Your Beer Fest Experience

1. Eat - It is wise to eat something before you arrive to the event considering the beers are the main attraction and you will likely start drinking right away.


2. Know The Layout - Use the festival website, facebook page, program, or map to familiarize yourself with parking, entry, brewery locations, food, music, etc.


3. Talk To Brewery Reps - Feel free to ask questions and get to know more about each brewery and their beer. That is why they are there, and most of them absolutely love it.


4. Drink Water - Hydrate before, during, and after. Bring your own too so that you can rinse whenever you want.


5. Dress Comfortably - Don't get stuck being too hot or cold, or having aching feet, or getting wet. Face it, little is going to stop you from attending this event, so be prepared!


6. Pace Yourself - You have more time than you think. You will be able to enjoy more beers if you sample at a slower pace. Just make sure you get to the ones you really want to try first!


7. Don't Try Every Beer - There is no need to try beers that you already know. Try beers that really spark your interest. If you can, move from light to dark. There are so many beers for the range of people's tastes, not just yours.


8. Walk About - Take small breaks and walk around, visit vendors and give your brain and your palate a break.


9. Have More Fun - Most beer festivals have games, contests, seminars, and the like. Pick the ones that you would most enjoy and make a point to engage. Also, keep your camera phone ready to get pics of some wild and interesting characters - you'll appreciate that silly selfie for years to come!


10. Relax - Find a spot to really relax, kick your feet up, listen to some live music, and enjoy some time discussing your findings.


11. Eat - Be sure to eat again, all beer festivals have trememdous food options for more than one reason. Take advantage of this and even plan a meal that pairs well with a favorite new beer!


12. Don't Drive Impaired - In this day and age of social media, there is no reason not to plan ride-sharing, a DD, shuttles, Uber, taxis, or whatever you need to not be stupid.


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